Adding a ball of yarn

Hello everyone!! I am new to this place and I’m very excited to have found you :slight_smile: I’m working on a more difficult project for me- my first sweater. My next task is to attach a new strand of yarn and work the front and back at the same time. I was told this was to work the front with one ball of yarn and then work the back with the other ball. This has me entirely confused and was hoping I could get a hand from someone?? Help is much appreciated!!!

When you attach the new ball of yarn, the first thing you do is bind off 2 stitches. Then proceed to knit the rest of the stitches indicated. Remember there will already be one stitch on the working needle. After you turn your work, you work back to the stitches that were bound off and then pick up the other yarn to work the next set of stitches. You’ll continue like this until both sections reach the indicated measurement.

Usually when I join a new ball of yarn, I leave a long-ish tail (6-8 inches) and just start knitting. I do not like knots in my work. The tail will either be woven in later or sometimes used for seaming (when the pattern indicates it and then the tail needs to be long enough to use for the entire seam).

I hope this helps you.