Addicted to Knitting Dish/Face Cloths?

Hi fellow Knitters,
I am totally addicted to Knitting Dish/Face Cloths at the moment.

Just been reading a new book to my collection - it says you can Knit them with Wool instead of Cotton Yarn??

Surely if you do that, won’t they felt up or not be very absorbent??

A slightly confused fellow creator of beautiful hand crafted goodies,
Nicolas :thinking:

I’m pretty sure they would felt to some degree - after all, felting is caused by heat and friction, and what two things are wash/dishcloths going to be exposed to when used? But then again, some people make felted wool covers for soap bars. The felted wool helps to exfoliate and shrinks as the soap is used up. I’ve only made cloths from cotton (both mercerised and not).

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I don’t know much about dish cloths, I made a few and wanted to like them but so far we are not getting on well, I used dishcloth cotton.

I know some washable nursing pads are made of wool for the absorbent properties and the antibacterial property. Nursing pads need to be absorbent, there are some which are different humber of layers for how absorbent one needs them, eg 2 layers of merino wool, or 3 layers with the middle layer being felted for added absorbency.
I’m no expert, but I think this must mean felted can be more absorbent so perhaps its ok for a cloth to gradually felt up the more its washed and used.

Maybe you can give me some top tips to help me make a dishcloth I’ll fall in love with? I’d like to switch to fully washable reusable dish cloths, cleaning cloths, polishing cloths but I’m still buying various types of supermarket sponges, microfiber cloths and scourers etc.


Haven’t heard of using wool before. May I ask which book it is?

I love knitting face/dishcloths and there is some lovely yarn for knitting them with and a great variety of patterns, but mine never last, falling apart quite quickly. In the olden days (my childhood) little old ladies knit dishcloths in off white cotton. There weren’t so many ready made cloths available in those days.


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Here’s my Facecloths!

Knitted with James C Brett Craft Cotton​:yarn::yarn::yarn:

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Very neatly and evenly done! It’ll be a joy to use. What yarn did you decide on?

James C Brett Craft Cotton - White 100g​:yarn::yarn::yarn:

Glad you like them!!!:grinning:

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