Addi turbos

So, I have been wanting to buy addi turbo needles for a long time… and i finally got the money. I bought a 16" size 8 and 10. I was wanting to know what your experiences were with these needles. Thanx! xxx

They are wonderful needles! I only have a few, but I like them a lot!

I love them so much I want to marry them sometimes. :teehee:

Sorry!!! I’m going to marry them!!!

:teehee: :teehee: We can share?

I dont have them… but the experienced knitters say they knit up SUPER quick and are super slick…
Are you a newbie or experienced knitter?

They are super quick & slick! Their points are not as pointy as the new KP Options, but they have a wider variety of cable lengths. I use the Options more but love the Addi’s for other projects!

They are VERY slippery and fast. I would not recomend them if you’re a beginner, though, or the KnitPicks Options, which are as slippery. I love them, and they are the only needles I have besides my knipicks set.

Sorry!!! I’m going to marry them!!![/quote]

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They are probably the best made needles as far as quality goes. If you ever have any problem with them the company will replace them. The only problem with them (if you consider it a problem–some people don’t) is that the tips are very blunt. This is fine for most types of knitting but I find it better to have sharper tips because I do a lot of lace knitting. I also like pointy needles for sock knitting.

I would say i am an intermidiate knitter. I tried the addis and i love them too!!! :muah: xxx

I happen to be fond of the blunt ends! xxx

It’s weird, I never believed all the hullabaloo …


They are just sooooooooooo amazing. (can you believe I bought my first pair, 16" size 8 and promptly lost them).
Then I got the ones I’ve been using these past weeks to make a never-ending skirt and they are just such a joy, they’re actually like MAGIC. I still like my wood dpns a lot but you’re going to enjoy these. I’m afraid I don’t agree with the not for beginners coz I think they’re so super you’ll get it very quick.

i “found” 2 in my stash last night that i had forgetten about and did a little happy dance - it was like xmas all over agiain - love 'em

do you knit english or continental? xxx

[b]I am a beginner knitter and have many “Stash Needles” (those I have not used but will come in handy for something down the road) … I just bought my first pair of Addis in 5.0 mm/24 in and they are $19.95 in Canada where I live … I am going to get a larger set of 8 mm because I am going to be doing a couple of shawls … I think maybe it depends on what type yarn you are using them for … I started out with a couple pair of metal Susan Bates and really don’t find them a whole lot different except the cord of the Addis is MUCH more relaxed and you will never have to fight with it … I never noticed if they are less pointed … another thing about Addis is, if you are doing a large project and need a set of LARGE circulars (I can’t remember the size but I think they are a 10), the cord is thicker than average so when your stitches slide down onto the cord, they don’t reduce in size so you have to struggle to get them back up onto the needle … THAT is a bonus. :hug:

The other needles that I really love are the Crystal Palace Bamboo circulars … I have two pair of those and find them a happy medium between the plastic and the metal Addis/Susan Bates … if I had my time back I would not have bought the cheaper plastic ones …



Sorry!!! I’m going to marry them!!![/quote]

:teehee: :teehee: We can share?[/quote][/size]

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