Addi turbo's vs. Denise's

As some of you know I’m a basic beginner and I keep reading all these posts about these two ‘things’.

What the heck are they? I basically get that they are needles of some sort, but after that I’m completely in the dark. And what’s the deal with the price? Some are expensive and others are cheap???

Help me please.

You’ve got me thinking about what would happen if Skacel/Addi made an interchagable set!!! :inlove: :inlove:

Anyway… Addi Turbo’s are like knitting with Cadillac’s… they knit like a dream, extremely flexible cords in the circ’s; your stitches seem to fly fast and neat. They tend to be pricey {unless you buy 'em from Jeff!}, but are well worth the investment, even at full price, for sizes that you will use many times.

Denise’s are an interchangeable set that I’d place around the level of a Buick… they are great for everyday, regular knitting. The cords are also quite flexible, and the needle tips are very easy to get used to working with if you are used to a different medium like wood or metal. You will have the confidence of having the needles you need for nearly any project, and can easily change the size of your needles mid-project. The initial investment in the set seems to be high until you realize that it easily replaces over 60 different sizes of circular needle. There is an entire thread stickied at the top of this forum about them if you want more information about interchangeables.

You will find that as you knit more, that you are willing to pay more for the tools you use often… simply because they make knitting even more enjoyable… which is the whole point, right? I used to choke at paying more than $5 for a pair of needles or a circ, and more than $30 in supplies for a sweater, or $50 for an afghan. I have discovered that using higher-quality materials makes the whole experience more satisfying since I’m not fighting with a cord on a circ that twists up on itself or a yarn that untwists constantly. Now I don’t blink at paying over $10 for a set of dpns because I know my socks will just fly off of those needles. Spending over $100 on wool for a pullover is nothing because the yarn feels so good between my fingers that every stitch is a joy. My DH didn’t buy me my Denise’s at first because at $70, he wasn’t sure if I would like them… now he’s kicking himself for not getting them for me sooner since I use them so much.

Thanks Nicole, I had no idea there was such a ‘needle frenzy’ going on. I buy mine at joann’s with my 40% of coupon so I never pay full price, is that stupid? Should I buy one of these guys???

I just got my first addi’s in the mail today and I love them :inlove: I can already see this is going to be a problem for my bank account(aka my husband) :lol:

If you are happy with the ones you buy then don’t bother! Once you buy some you probably won’t be able to not buy more… :lol:

I’d say Addi’s are more like the Lexus of needles and Denise’s are more like Hondas… nice cars (I have one), but not quite the luxury of a Lexus or addi turbo. :lol: (I don’t buy “american” cars) :roflhard: :roflhard:

I find that funny because I used the Cadillac and Buick references, and I drive a Mazda!!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

How can not paying full price be stupid? :?? :lol:

All I was getting at is that you have different options, and that as you knit more, you will probably want to try out some of these options to see if they help you enjoy the whole experience more. Personally, I really want to try the Addi’s… especially in a size that I know I can use for a lot of sweaters… a 24 inch in a 4.5 or 5.0 mm comes to mind since that’s what I’d use for most of my kids sweaters. That being said, I’m off to WM tonight to help my daughter pick out a Rubbermaid bin for us to retrofit as a hamster cage, and get me some 5.0 mm dpns… I can only find 2 of my set… unless I run off to Rams to get some more bamboo for my collection! :thumbsup:

How can not paying full price be stupid? :?? :lol:[/quote]

I didn’t mean is ‘not’ paying full price stupid, I meant is buying them at Joanns stupid. Sorry I didn’t clarify that. :oops: Would it be more cost efficient to buy the addi’s or denises now that I’ve been buying them at joanns?

Speaking of bamboo needles–are there any bamboo circular sets, by whom are they made, and how are the prices and the cords and joins on them?? :?? :??

There are bamboo interchangeables - Amy has a set, but I can’t remember who makes them. I want to say they’re similar to the Boyes Interchangeables in terms of joins.

Doglover - so long as you like the needles you’re using, it doesn’t matter where you buy them! When it comes to circular needles, it’s really about what works for you. I love Addi’s but they’re not for everybody. Many people find them too slick and their tips too dull. Some people swear by their Denises, or Boyes or whatever interchangeable set they have. I tend to use both sets equally. I prefer my Denise’s when I need a larger needle, b/c the tips are a little pointier and I can get the needle into the stitches more easily. Since Denise’s only come in sizes 5-15, I end up using my Addis for my smaller gauge projects. I also love the Addi Naturas (bamboo).

If you’re interested in Addis, but not sure you want to make the commitment, see if your store will let you try them out on some spare yarn. Or see what their return policy is on needles, so you can return them if you don’t like them.

And just keep this in mind - you can never have too many needles! :wink:

Here are a couple of bamboo interchangable sets (warning, they’re pricey)…

Plymouth Bamboo Sister Set


I bought a collection of no-name 31" non-interchangable bamboo circs on EBay, so check there too.

Addi Turbos are not interchangable but really great. They’re usually in the $12-20 range at LYS, but can be found for less than $10/pair through certain EBay sellers. Seeing if you can “test drive” some at a LYS is a great idea.

Denises and Boye Needlemaster are the two most commonly used interchangable sets (although there are bamboo interchangable sets for those who don’t want to use anything else). The sticky on the interchangable topic has a great Denise vs Boye discussion. :smiley:

Well like others have said, Addi’s aren’t interchangeable — {starts dreaming of an Addi Interchangable set sigh} — but the Denise’s are. I would follow the advice of others that have posted here and see if you can try out some different kinds of needles at your LYS. My LYS has a no-return policy on needles, so I take my chances and buy one pair/ set of different types at a time to try them out. Since all I had liked using was metal up to the point I got my Denise’s, they took a bit of getting used to. An interchangeable set, if you find one you like, is a great investment so that you will have a wide variety of needles available to you at all times {except when they’re already in projects! :oops: }.

The long and the short of all this, is that each knitter is different. We all like different types of needles and cords. Take the time to find out what your preferences are, and go from there. The time and money invested in that will more than paid back to you in your greater enjoyment of your knitting. :thumbsup:

YES!!! I believe they were made by Plymouth – they are GGGGrrrreat…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them, the only drawback is the smallest size they come in is a 5 and the shortest is I believe an 18", but they are very comfy and extremely compact and great for carrying in your knitting bag.

I could not live without mine! They are quite pricey though, I don’t know that I would have spent the $$ on them for myself, that amount of cash couold have bought a ton of yarn! But now that I’ve been exposed, if I ever lost mine, I WOULD replace them.

ETA: I know I am odd man out here, but this review is coming from someone that doesn’t really care for Addi’s (the Turbo’s anyway, have not tried the Bamboo’s yet). I find they are TOO slick for my liking. As always, YMMV. Here is a pic of what they look like: The whole case is 5-1/2" x 3-1/4" x 5/8"

Yes indeed, I have the Webs set. FiberGirl is right, I’d say the cables are very similar to the Boyes. I own both of those and the Denise set as well, and after years of being a Boye fan, I’ve fallen for the Denise set because of the SUPER flexible cables. The 20" length on the Boye and Webs set is pretty stiff and hard to use, on some sets you can just barely make the needles form a right angle, and no steeper than that. Whereas the 17" length on the Denise set is a joy and breeze to use, and you can easily create a steep angle for purling, etc., I find it is more pleasurable and easier on the wrists. That 17" length comes in very handy for hats, too, and it’s not available on any other set. If it were available it would be unusable because of the stiffness of those cables.

Addi’s are expensive, but a dream to knit with. If money is no object, I’d say buy a Denise set for convenience, and Addi Turbos in 16" and 24" lengths, and DPN’s if you prefer them, and you’d have everything you could ever want for needles. If money is an object, buy the Denise set, and DPN’s if you prefer them, I’d recommend buying from our Carol_OH at her site where she sells used needles.