Addi Turbo video.. funny!


Jan, You’re so cool and “out there”. Don’t know how you find time for this stuff while you’re so busy being the ultimate pattern guru. Keep doing what you’re doing! When you do we all benefit. Thanks.

Yea even Addi knows that men make the best knitters!

Jan, that was just too cool! Men that knit:guyknitting: rock!!

Very funny! i liked the hairdo on the addi knitter…when he turns his head he looks like a unicorn :slight_smile:

I love it!! Thanks for the laugh!!

:aww: Oh my… thank you! I just happened to see it today on I think it was Facebook. :teehee: I knew you all would enjoy it. :teehee:

I love it!

That’s a great video!

LOL - too cute!

hilarious!! I love that my fav needles have a great sense of humor behind them! :smiley: Made me chuckle!

Too cool Jan. I’m forwarding it to my husband in the never-ending attempt to get him to learn knitting! :wink:

You know…if you look at the straights the other guy is using…them seem to be addi straights…or at least they look like addi straights to me…

(yes addi makes straights…)

Too funny! Also loved the old guy’s hair! :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed this, thanks for the giggles!

Way too funny! Great ad that is for sure.

Love the humor too. I love that they used men and the music choice made me LOL.

But, it irked me that neither of them were REALLY knitting.