Addi Turbo Needles

I was reading an article about these Addi Turbo Needles

They are said to help finish a project faster, has anyone used these or is a myth???

I looooooove them. By far my favorite needle. I’m knitting a scarf right now on Susan Bates plasticky ones–b/c I didn’t have any Addis in the appropriate size and I don’t wanna buy more til my Options set arrives–and I’m HATING this project! I’ve gotten so used to my nice slippery Addis and I really do knit easier, smoother and faster.

It’s such a bummer to be working this scarf on the Bates because it’s making me hate the illustrious mmmmmmMalabrigo :verysad:

It’s hard to say if you knit faster–I think that has to do w/ your experience level. If you’ve got enough experience to use such a slick needles and not loose your stitches then probably so…many new knitters don’t like them b/c they haven’t developed as much control yet. I started using addis about 6 months after I started knitting and swear by them–I won’t use anything else. I don’t know if the rate that I knit is as much about the needles as it is my experience level (which just comes with practice). They are CERTAINLY slicker and you don’t get as much resistance when using addis (than if you were using a plastic or bamboo or aluminum needle). I keep hearing how wonder options are and I keep saying I’ll purchase a circular from KP just to see how good they are. I can’t imagine what I’d do w/ all of the addis I’ve acquired…but the prices on KP needles are much better than addis if they really are comparable quality. You should try a pair to see how you like them–if you know any knitters–maybe someone would be willing to let you use one just to try it out. If not, splurge–buy yourself one and see how it goes. If you don’t like it–you could certainly sell it on ebay!

I looooooove my Addis!!

You mean you haven’t jumped on the options bandwagon yet???

You mean you haven’t jumped on the options bandwagon yet???[/quote]

Nope! I have enough needles, and to be honest, I don’t think I’d be a good exchangeable needle set owner. I’d lose something, for sure. I need my needles in one piece. :teehee:

[color=indigo][size=6]I’m with Ingrid–I :heart: :heart: :heart: my Addi Turbo!!

I have a complete set of 24" and several others. So I don’t think I’ll be getting any Options.

But if I was new to knitting I definitely would check them out.[/size][/color]

i have nearly a full set of addis in 24 inch and LOVED them…

yes…note the past tense there.

yesterday i was doing some switching back and forth between my addis size five and my options size four and there is ONE thing that the addis have that the options don’t, and it is that little bump that gets you to the shaft from the cord. The options have a more smooth transition between the cord and the shaft.

it made me sad to curse my addis like i was yesterday…lol

I absolutely LOVE my addis! :heart: :heart: I haven’t tried the KP Options, like a lot of people here have. But I agree with Ingrid…knowing myself, I’d probably lose some part of the interchangeable set! :teehee:

I’m still a relative beginner. I started out with bamboo, and then I switched to the addis because I knit SO tightly, I needed something more slippery!