Addi Turbo Needles Point Protectors?

Has anyone found point protectors that would actually stay on Addi Turbo Circular needles?



I like these rubbery ones… and I only buy the large size, which will also work on smaller needles, but not vice-versa.

Thanks KellyK,
I’ll try them. I’m making my first FT Clog!!! Before I try the knit along sweater.


If you order them through the Knitpicks link that’s on this site, you can order JUST the large ones and it’ll help KH out, too! :thumbsup:

I really like the ones from clover. They’re rubbery. The green ones are smaller and the peach ones are for larger needles. I’ve collected quite a few point protectors and I reach for these whenever Addi’s are the needle I’m using.

This may sound silly, but it worked for me…
I got a package of those children’s erasers that come in shapes like stars, hearts, etc., ( about 1-1/2" inch around by 3/8" thick) and used a drill-bit the size of my needle to make a hole half-way through from the edge to the center. The kids don’t like them for erasers, they say it tears the paper and won’t erase well. But the rubbery material holds well on the slipperiest needles. Before the kids gave me back the erasers, I was using rubber-bands. I buy school supplies, and I get knitting gadgets… go figure. At least they didn’t lose them, like they do with mittens, scarves, hats, pencils, homework, ad infinitum. :smiley:

Yet another clever tip from you Trucker! You Da Man! :thumbsup: This would be a great idea to give DH to encourage his participation in my hobby…seeing as he wants to justify buying an R/C airplane kit to “teach me how to fly”

I like the blue ones KK showed and I also like the Clover ones. I actually use one of the blue ones as a tip covery for my verrrrry pointy scissors in my notions bag so I don’t impale myself. You do have to sort of work the hole open a little on them but they work slick as do the clover rubber ones.
:lol: :rollseyes:

your DH must have brown eyes (cause he’s full of it). I fly, (retired USAF) and you can no more learn to fly by playing with a R/C toy plane than you can learn to be rich by playing Monopoly. Whip his butt with Monopoly, then tell him when he gets rich in real-life he can have his $800 toy with the $600 accessories it needs to play with it. :notworthy:
in the meantime, KNIT ON !! :thumbsup: