Addi Turbo Knitting Needles

I’m a new knitter(October 2006).
After I finish all my Christmas knitting projects, I want to start knitting hats, socks, etc. Right now I’m using bamboo straight needles. Should I go out and buy addi turbo circular needles? Or should I get some bamboo circular needles? xxx

Needles are a personal preference. I happen to prefer the metal Addis, but others who are just as experienced prefer wood. :shrug:

I think everyone has a different opinion on this…I started out with all bamboo and wooden and am now switching over. I found nicks were developing on the tips of my needles and my knitting was so much slower than it is on the metals…you need to try both and decide which works for you. You will find advocates for both…just like vanilla and chocolate ice cream.


I love Addi’s for their soft cable and slick needle, but there are times they are too good. I also love Bryspus cirs, very plyable cable and resin needles. The are very affordable and I like them when Addi’s are toooo slippy :happydance:

I find that the project and yarn determines the needle type for me. For the lace scarf I’m making, bamboo is the right choice. For the baby blanket, I love the Options. I like the turbos when I use Peaches and Cream and other cottons, because the yarn moves well on the needles, but the tip isn’t as sharp as the Options, so I don’t split the yarn as often.

If I HAD to choose a set, I’d go for the Options, but I’m glad we don’t have to stick to only one! :happydance: