Addi turbo circs

I have a set of Harmony’s and love them to death but I bought my Mom a #5 circ (16" cable) at the LYS and fell in love with it. I don’t think that Addi’s come in “sets” like KP or Denise but where would be the least expensive place to buy them online? My LYS is $2 -$3 more than what I’ve seen at YarnMarket. I’ve also heard not to buy them on eBay due to the fakes being sold and I would also have to deal with the “shipping/handling/miscellaneous/Ilovedonuts” charges added on to the items.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

I have always purchased my Addi’s at my LYS. I can only suggest that you check with come of the better online knitting stores and compare prices.

Thank you! I asked for help on this because I’m at work and I’m betting the boss wouldn’t appreciate me searching for knitting needles instead of doing my work. :teehee:

I’m an Addi junkie too but I usually buy mine at my LYS. Mainly because they’re wonderful folks there who help me any time I need it. Also because when I need a certain size, I want it NOW.

One advantage of my buying them online would be not paying tax since Louisiana seems to be exempt, for the most part, from online tax, but that’ll change. I would have to pay shipping, though, so it’s probably a draw.

And as for eBay, I also worry about fakes.

Almost all of my addis have been bought on Ebay from Jeff Wonderland. i haven’t looked in a long time because I don’t need any anymore but I have always had good luck with him. Others have not had as much success buying from him as I have (and I don’t know if his store is still open or not.)

Ever since KP has come out with the nickle needles I haven’t used my addis except in the really small sizes, because anything over a 4 seems to dull to me now.

In general, the Addis are going to run about the same price just about everywhere. Don’t know that there are really too many options for good deals on them besides ebay. Unless you can find a store that carries them that is having a going out of business sale or is actually having a sale on all inventory. :thumbsup:

The LYS I shop at had an after Christmas sale. It was 50% off everything in the store. I got a set of addis in size 8 because that seems to be the size I use the most, and a size 0 with a long cable for magic loop. After knitting with them, I have to say that I LOVE them, and could kick myself for not picking up more that day. I have so many needles that I can’t justify buying them at full price, but if I see them again for half off, I’m loading up.:teehee:

OMG!! I would have thrown myself under a bus if I had only bought one or two at 50% off!!!
My LYS is having a 40% off sale this Saturday and I’m PRAYING that the Addi’s are included.

I saw a listing on ebay for 18 needles for $99, the same seller also sells other combinations

No kidding. :roflhard: That’s exactly what I felt like doing. The thing is, I have the both knit pics sets, and at the time, I felt a little guilty for buying needles in the first place. I justified buying the 8’s because I both of my 8 tips were in use, so I told myself that I could use more of that size. Anyway, I’ve wished and wished that I’d have gotten more.

I hope the addis are included in the upcoming 40% off sale. If they are, take my advice, and stock up. :slight_smile:

Feel guilty about buying anything at all related to knitting??? Aw, c’mon…to me, that’s like saying I feel guilty for breathing! :roflhard:

Don’t worry, if those Addi’s are on sale, I’ll whip that credit card out so fast, it’ll be hot to the touch. :woohoo:

I DID order two sets of Addi’s on e-Bay. After reading the comments I compared the two sets to three sets ordered from yarn companies online that I know are reputable and, so help me, I cannot see one bit of difference in the needle or the cable of the two from e-Bay. Hope I did not buy a ‘knock-off’ but they seem okay. The postage was very reasonable, by the way. However, in the meantime, ordered the Options set, LOVE them, nice points, better than the Addi-Turbo’s are and the cable, I feel, is more flexible. Also, have ordered a couple of the Harmony needle tips and extra cables. Gosh, am tempted to get the whole darned set since they are so pretty but probably will only buy the sizes I might feel I will use the most. But, being woman, might also change my mind…