Addi Turbo and buying my first pair

What circular size would be a good size to get? I’m not knitting anything circular yet (I do have 2 hats on dpns now though), but I thought I’d start my supply of Addi’s now since I was going to go out this morning and buy size 11 straight bamboo needles…figured I would just get some Addi’s instead…so what is a good circumference to buy?

I am going to knit a scarf for dh and then I’ll be knitting a bag that uses 24" size 11 circulars…is the 24" a common size that would work for both the scarf (using the circulars as straight) AND the bag?

Do these feel as cold in your hands as the alumininum needles do?

i don’t think they feel cold but i have never experienced that with regular aluminums either so i may just be missing it.

personally, i would generally start with 16" because i find them hardest to find in most stores. (and you could possibly take those hats off DPNs :wink: )

But of course that is just my opinion. the 24" will definitely work on both the bag and the scarf–will NOT work on the hats unless it is for someone with a very big head or very big hair. (or if it is knit flat!)

longer needles are good for 2 circ knitting and magic loop knitting.

so yeah…i am no help but my opinion is 16"!

You must have a 16 for hats, and a 24 is good for knitting straight and for sweaters, too; and since you need it for your bag. . .

Thanks!!! I’m off to exercise, shower, then the LYS!!!

Well, I got my first set of Addis thanks to you all! LOL (And another online lady I know). I haven’t tried them out yet, but I will REALLY soon…I was going to get a 16" to finish the hats I’m working on but decided I could save a lot of money ordering them online.

Soo…I have a question. If my ds head measures 20.5 in is a 16" circular going to make the hat fit?


you betcha! you can use a shorter circ just not a LONGER circ. obviously if you get to a really high number of stitches then you will need to adjust the circ length to make it manageable (i did 300 stitches on a 24" not long ago…VERY much a pain but since i was reducing so quickly it was survivable!) otherwise it is hard to make sure you aren’t twisting and to keep the stitches from falling off the needle.

GREAT! Thanks!