Addi Scam or just a different look at things?

I purchased an odd size (10-75) addi circ at ebay. it was suppose to be a 60 cm circ or about 24 inches. But when I received it from the seller (in Hong Kong) the total length of the circ was about 24 inches or about a 10-12 inch cable. Is this usual for european circulars or is this ebayer scamming me? A 12
inch cable isn’t going to do me anygood when I start knitting this man’s sweater.

I’m not sure what you mean. For all cable needles, the inches given is the total length, not the length of the cable.

Yep… what she said. ^^^

I agree. The length given is generally from needle tip to needle tip.

I’ll have to measure these circs I’m using now when I’m done but I am knitting double stranded and have 295 stitches on. Almost no room to spare tho and I lifeline regularly in case the cord breaks.

It could be that the seller (is it Jeff Wonderland?) made a mistake in shipping. I could contact the seller and let him/her know that the addis you received are not the one’s that you purchased. Also, the size of the addi needle is stamped (in very tiny print) on the cable.