Addi Needles Sold :)

[B]Everything is sold! Thanks!!![/B]

I have sent you a pm.
Sandra from SC

US #6 4.0mm -
16" - $5 SOLD
24" -$5 (the cord is a little creased on this one, but I’m sure it can be smoothed out)


What size is the needle?


hi Susan, I have that book. there are several 24" but the one you quote was teh size 6.


I have a Sticht and Bitch book I’m swapping on here. Would like to swap?[/B]

Hi Susan, please email me at knittingnut at comcast dot net



Check your e-mail[/B]

PM’ing you

I’ll take the 24" size 6 & 7 circ if u still have them:wink:Let me know whats left

I’m sorry! They are all gone now. :frowning: