Addi needle gauge

O.k I never thought I would spend 7.00 for one but I did, Now as I look at it I am not sure if it is all there, seems that on the back there is a part that is supose to slide but it is not there. if anyone has on of them would you look at yours and see if it is on yours, or if there is a place for a slider,

Do you mean where the knife/cutter comes out?

Is this it?

If it’s anything like mine you just stick your needle in the hole and find where it fits… I don’t see anything about a moving part. :think:

There’s a picture of one with the knife here. (It’s about a third of the way down.) I don’t think they sell them with the knife anymore, but don’t know for sure…

Ahh I see. It looks like it just slides out…:think:

thank you that is it, I would never have thought of that.

I have one of those needle guages. I didn’t realize it had a blade, so when I first picked it up, I wondered what it was. So of course I had my finger in the wrong place when I slid it out. It nicked me, but didn’t bleed, lol. Now I’m sure to be careful the next time I see a new knitting notion.