Addi Natura needles...GRRRRR

I am knitting the boobholder using the size 7 and fashion cotton yarn… i used that yarn alot and love it ! but this stupid needles make my hand ache and pain so much that i got to stop whenever i am doing the purling …

i feel like breaking that needles…wonder issit my period and hormones that is the issue here or that needle !!! grrrrrrr :wall: :!!!:

now the yarn is off that needle and i am going to restart again using option tomorrow …what a bummer !

[color=indigo]I have learned to hate a coupla needles too (along with ALL ribbon yarn). But won’t the Options be even more slippery for you?


the addi natura does not glide well at all …something about their bamboo… not too smooth i think… i will be knitting like a rocket on options…let me go start now and will keep u all posted

Yeah, I bet the options will work a lot better with cotton yarn. I can see how bamboo would be too grabby.

I am knitting the boobholder…?


I am knitting the boobholder…?

it the mini sweater …from grumpy or something like that

I love wood needles, and generally avoid metal needles.

Cotton is one of my main exceptions! I generally use metal needles for cotton, since cotton has such little slip and slide to start with! It would be like trying to slide on a rubber mat to put the two together. Ok… not that bad. I can use wood with some mercerized or other cottons, but mostly, cotton has too much ‘stick’ for wood needles.

You may love the addi naturas when you try them with other non-cotton yarns.

Mama Bear

I’m 3 weeks into learning to knit and my right hand has been bothering me. Granted, I broke a bone in my hand a few years ago, and work behind a computer all day, but I’m wondering…what are good ways of exercising or other ways to move your hands so they don’t hurt. I’m really hooked on knitting right now and want to do it all the time, I just dont know why I’m hurting. :grrr: I am using aluminum 6 1/2 needles. They aren’t all that small & they feel comfortable to me. :shrug:

(I am flexing/wiggling my hands here at work every few minutes…trying to move them around)

Could it just be because I want to go fast and keep going, going, going because I’m finally getting the hang on things that I’m just holding the needles too tight? :x:


Here is the link for it.

aha! boobholder. makes total sense.

i love my options. i’ve had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands and i have zip zilch zero nada hand pain when knitting. sometimes for hours at a time. keep us posted?

Thanks. If you could see the pictures that were in my head before the link. :roflhard: