ADDI Lace needles

here is the latest needles for lace


Wow! Thanks so much for posting that thread.

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Thanks Jasmine, I just wish I could afford them, because they do sound nice. I guess I’ll be sticking to my Options.

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I wouldn’t need to buy any of those, because I already have so many Addis and my KP Options set.

yup if they had come out with those before i never would have had my options. the addi blunt-ish tip is the reason i ended up going with the options (and the cord too… :smiley: )

neat. Thanks for posting that. I still think I’ll go for options over addi though, what with the sharper tip and the interchangeable thing going for it. Oh, and cheaper, too. :doh:

ha ha ha … i posted this here so that everyone know that Manufacturer do listens to their customer demand…maybe we can start calling KP about making the 16" circular needle bigger needle size up…or anything that is needles related… as for me i wish that that they will have size 1,2,3, interchangeable options for my lace knitting… :teehee:

u r welcome…Nadja… :heart:

I think it’s cool that Skacel will make custom circs for you–I had no idea!!!

well Cristy…as long as there is a demand they will make it …it will bring profit to their company …so everyone is happy …

the noninterchangeable lace ones from knitpicks are really nice, I got them for my birthday and am very pleased.

I’m just frustrated that these don’t come in 000 and neither do knitpicks :(:frowning: I’ve gotten into lacework and I’m looking at needing those. Only standard addis come that small and their tips aren’t pointy enough. Is it possible to sharpen addis?

I normally use Inox for lace which I like but I will definitely be trying the new lace Addis. I have heard too many complaints about the KP Options cables coming apart to take a chance with them. I have a circular shawl on the needles now in Zephyr with 870 stitches on the last round. It would be a disaster if the cable detached from the needle.

does inox have circular lace needles?
I could only find the short dpns.

Good idea Jasmine, maybe we can start an email campaign to KP.

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start the calling campaign and start flooding their email !!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

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Onward!!! Knitters HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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