Addi Lace needles are coming in interchangable sets now

They are due out sometime this month. They come in size 4 to size 11. I just preordered mine yesterday. I like the pointier tips on the addi lace as opposed to the regular addis. I can’t wait to get them. I have the options set and love them but have a heck of a time getting them put together. I’m hoping the addis solve that problem. Let me know what y’all think.

Just use a piece of that grippy shelf liner when putting them on. I’ve never had one come unscrewed. :shrug:

I wish I had known that before I ordered my Addi Clicks. I just don’t think I can justify that expense right now. I have one set of the Addi Lace and I do love the pointier points. Where did you order yours?

The main advantage, I think, to Addi lace is the surface of the needle which is tackier. When you knit lace with the Options the wool is more likely to go flying off the needle when you don’t want it to.