Addi Interchangeables :)

I just got this ad and thought I’d share it here. Addi’s have a new
interchangeable needle set…or I’m guessing it’s new, I haven’t
heard of it before anyhow! :slight_smile:

Available from this German webstore in October!

Libbie :slight_smile:

Oh, great – now that I’ve collected almost every Addi size I use. Which will not stop me from needing, wanting, looking at them.
Makes sense that they’d introduce it in Germany first, where Addis are made.

Very interesting. I’ve been thinking about getting the Knitpicks Options, but maybe I’ll hold out and wait for these.

hmm, I love my addi needles they are so comfortable to work with so an interchangable set would be wonderfull (my options get most use at the moment due to the sizes and things). The only problem is, the range of sizes looks alittle small (i think the smallest size listed is 3.5mm)

I am drooling as I like the Addi’s better than my mother’s Boyle’s needlemaster set. I did a cost conversion as it is listed in Euro’s and the cost is about $101.24 as of today conversion. Maybe Santa will buy me a set.:cheering::woohoo::knitting: