Addi CLICKS update

I’m hoping this post isnt’ OLD NEWS. I was at my LYS today…and the owner had just received a huge shipment of the new Addi CLICKS sets!

They are now encased in a very handsome, portable, black leatherette case, that is much like a big envelope…with the exception that it opens up completely flat. Very nice indeed!

Lots of folks who purchased the CLICKS from jumpstreet have complained about the big HUGE box-like case that came with their CLICKS. Not portable by any stretch of the imagination.

Here is a photo of the new case:

However, the price of the set has jumped $20…from $149.99 to $169.99. Addi is also offering a packet of 3 extra cords for $29. (24", 32", 40") Not sold individually either.

That is rather a bummer. Well, I’ve read lots of good things about the performance of the CLICKS, but the downside for many is the price point. Essentially, $200 for an interchangeable set of circs with 2 each in 3 sizes of cords.

I don’t own the CLICKS and don’t plan to.

Another bit of news from the shop owner: Addi is phasing out the ‘gold cords’ and transitioning to the popular blue cord that Addi lovers have raved about…I think it was first introduced on the CLICKS.

So I did open my wallet for one pair of ‘set cirs’ US9. They ARE much more pliable than the gold cords. I look forward to using them.

Well, that’s it for now! Anyone care to comment on the CLICKS or the new blue cords on the ‘set circs’??? What has been your experience???

Oooh, kewl. I’m definitely going to get a set of Clicks when I’m in Germany, since they’re so much cheaper there. And my new set of HiyaHiyas should have gone out in the mail from London today…hope they make it before we leave!

I recently bought a 40" size 10 Turbo with the blue cord and so far I like it.

Too bad their price on the Clicks has to be so insanely high, I’d order them right away if the price was more reasonable. I do like the new case.

I use the Addi’s with the blue cord for my magic loop socks. I’ve never used the gold cord ones, but am pretty happy with the blue cord.
Don’t imagine I’ll ever get the Clicks…$200 in one shot is a bit much for me.

I like the case and I do like Addis, but what you get for the price isn’t worth it IMO. Options may have the occasional problem, but the customer service the way it is I’m completely happy.

Thanks for the info though, I’m sure it’ll help a lot of people move off the fence one way or the other.

They are so cool! If the price was more reasonable I’d buy them, but how in the world am I ever going to save up that much for needles? I’d probably spend it all on yarn. :wink: I can’t even try a pair for a reasonable price. The individual tips are priced OK but when you have to buy an entire set of cables for 30 bucks, it’s too much unless you really plan to invest in it.

I’ve read that the CLICKS are much less expensive in Europe, however,
I also read that they DO NOT include a lifetime guarantee.

It is Skacel (the US distributor for Addi) that jacks up the price of Addi’s to accommodate their guarantee, and of course, their profit.

That’s what I’ve read in the Addi discussions over at Ravelry.

Now IF someone were to be taking a vacation or business trip to Germany…it would certainly be tempting to snag a set of CLICKS! I think I read the EU price is half of our US pricing!

Yeah, that’s when I’m planning on getting a pair to try out, and possibly the entire set – I can always pick up a set for you if you want, D. :wink: