I read in the Ravelry ADDI group that the ADDI interchangeable set of needles will not be a complete with regards to all US sizes.

There is a question of whether or not the US5 or the US10.5 will be missing from the set.

The Addi people state that sizes 4-15 (and a total of 10 sizes) will be included in the set…however, in US needles sizing…there are 11 sizes: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,10.5,11,13,15

Someone read that the US5 is missing (which I think is preposterous and untrue), and someone else listed the sizes as 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,15. The 10.5 missing.

Anyway, there are 2 mm difference between the 10 and 11.

I use the 10.5 as often as the 10…and I would not purchase an incomplete set. I would rather forego the 15…and include the 10.5.

Anyway, does someone have more information about the sizes in the current set?

PS: the ADDI group moderator is an ADDI guy I think, and he says that ADDI does have plans to make additional cables and tips available in the future.

I’m hanging onto my money til the ‘new needle syndrome’ passes.
Just waitin’ to see what the BLOGS and Forums have to say!

I’m waiting until they start showing up on eBay.:wink:

As much as I love Addi’s, i think the price is outrageous!! Someone needs to give me a good reason why they are better than my options.

Hi, Ginny:waving:

Just an opinion - I have some Addi circs and the knit Picks Options. While the Addi’s are good to work with, I find the Options set incredible.

The cables are very flexible and have very little “memory”. They won’t kink and stay kinked if you’re knitting Magic Loop or other “twisty” methods. The points are sharp enough, without being so sharp you get sore fingers, and the yarn just glides!

I hope I’m not offending any “Addi-cts” out there. I guess it’s just a matter of preference after all!


I agree with Ginny…the price is very high. And remember that the set isn’t complete. No size 10.5…no end caps…only 3 cables. By the time you’re done getting all the extras (if and when they become available), the total overall price could escalate to $200+.

My LYS is going to carry a “shop set” for knitters to see and feel. That’s nice anyway.

She ordered 10 sets for sale to the public, and she said she’s really surprised that only 6 have been spoken for (pre-paid). :eyes:

I heard about this at my LYS and think I’ll wait till they offer more in the set or the price comes down a lot.

Plus, I love my KP options and even though I like addi needles the price would keep me with the options :thumbsup:

Prior to finding KH I bought about four or five pair of Addis. They looked fine, cables were stiff though and so I stayed with straight needles (for the project I was then working). After ordering a set of the Options, plus a few Harmonies and additional cables I have not even used the Addi needles. The points are just not as sharp as I personally prefer (knit tightly maybe?). The difference in price of the two brands is mind-boggling, and no, I am not particularly on a tight budget but I must admit I like quality at a good price.

Ah yes, Dollyce, just what I need. ANOTHER set of needles. Had a set of Denise (which I still use for heavier projects) and Knitpicks Options, which you recommended and I do love to use.

When I need new circs for socks, I always buy Addi’s because I like the sharpness of the points.

Over $200.00 is way to much.

[I][B]AGREED! [/B][/I]:thumbsup:

And the more I think about it…the less excited I am about ADDI CLICKS. Especially since the ‘full set’ does NOT include the US 10.5! What were they thinking? :shrug:

It’s not as though America has just a dozen knitters nationwide! :teehee:

I think it is unfortunate that Addi did not do more market research prior to putting their set on the market. If they did, they’d realize that it will be very difficult to compete with the KP set just based on price alone. I’d rather spend the extra money on yarn.:blooby:

Having said that I do like the Addi’s but my Options set is for more useful as it is more complete with multiple cords, end caps and a good range of needles.

The thing is though, KP doesn’t ship overseas. If you are in Europe, this may well be a very good option for you. Isn’t Addi German? So, they wouldn’t be a bad purchase in Europe, where they originate and they DON’T have the option of getting KPs or even Denise’s very cheap.


Good point, Kelly! :thumbsup:

Another thing to think about: the Addi CLICKs will be available in LYS’s. This will help the LYS compete in the knitting needle wars!

Yes, the most serious threat to the LYS these days is the internet. It is rough to compete with the internet’s low prices on yarn and accessories. And prior to these ADDI CLICKs…the LYS was at the mercy of Boye Needlemaster, Denise Interchangeables and KnitPicks OPTIONS.

I would hate to see quality LYS’s be a thing of the past!

The woman who owns the LYS is clueless when it comes to the internet. I told her of this site, that she could advertise inexpensively, and people around Salem would know that the store is here. I’ve overheard people in JoAnn’s and Michaels who complain about the yarns there, and they don’t know about the LYS. She asked me if there were a lot of knitters who use the internet for purchases.

She hadn’t a clue about Ravelry, either. She’s young, and to my way of looking at it, should have a presence on the internet.

Sadly, she wasn’t aware of the site that rates the LYS’s,there are some good suggestions for her shop on it.

There is a nice lady who owns a quality LYS in a small town in Northeastern Washington…and she had never heard of KH or Ravelry, or the famous Central Park Hoodie, etc. I feel privileged to have hooked up with KH.

Several years ago…I attended a local Knitter’s Guild Monthly Meeting. The ladies were talking about “ABOUT.COM”…and how you can hook up with the knitting forum there. I did. I learned a lot. One day, someone posted a link in response to someone’s question. Yes, you guessed it. The link was! The rest is history. I dropped the other knitting forum. It just wasn’t as helpful, useful, and colorful as KH. I love the way we can post photos, etc over here.

Of course, I heard about Ravelry here. I really enjoy Ravelry for different reasons. It’s software is so useful. I love being able to showcase all my knitting in one place, and on the other hand, I love being able to view someone else’s knitting in one place in their notebook!

Anyways, being a part of this community of knitters has changed my life forever. And, seriously improved the quality of my knitting! I am far far far from being even remotely close to what they call a master knitter, but I do think I’ve improved my own knitting, and maybe expanded a bit!