Addi click long lace

I already have the regular Addi Click set (had it for around 4 years.)

I do not much care for my KP nickel options - had them three years or so. They are waaaaayyyy too sharp for me. I only use them for projects/yarn that need a wicked tip.

I’ve been considering saving up for a long lace set for awhile but waffling due to the cost and the fact I already have my old Options set. Do the LL have a tip that isn’t TOO sharp? Are they worth the $?


You do get used to the sharp points after awhile. I don’t have any trouble with them now.

Anything with the word lace in it probably means sharp points. Most people who do lace like then sharp.

I have the Addi Clicks set. And the Addi Lace Long set.

I love them both…but here’s a little warning for you: due to the design of how the needle tip slides over and clicks onto the cable end…there is a little ridge. The ridge is the very end of the needle tip.

There is no problem with this ridge UNTIL you try to use US6 or smaller needle tips. Then the yarn catches and scrapes as it “glides” over top of that ridge.

Here’s why: the stitches created by the very act of using a US6 or smaller are TOO SMALL for the end of the needle shaft. The very end of the needle shaft has to be a certain uniform size to fit onto the cable end. Follow me?

Well, the stitches are too darn small to pass over this ridge. I’ve torn my hair out over this conundrum! GAH!

It isn’t a manufacturing glitch. It’s a design flaw.

So whereas I love to use my Addi Clicks Lace Long for most knitting…if I need US6 or smaller, I just grab for my Knit Picks Options, or Signature Needles. Or my set circs Addis.

So really, with the set of Addi Clicks (regular tips) or Addi Clicks Lace Longs…IMHO, you are paying a HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY for a set that is only useful in the US7 are larger. The other needle tips you can just toss out.

I’ve tried and tried and tried to make the US6’s and smaller work well with different yarns…bah…forget it.

NOTE: are the Addi Lace Longs “tips only” available? I know that you can purchase the “cables only”. If I had known then what I know now…I would price out [B]buying just what I need & most frequently use[/B] rather the “set” for $170. But sometimes any “set” is such a savings that you just can’t turn it down. I don’t think so with Addi brand.

OK…I just priced the purchase of individual pieces in the Addi Clicks sets. The set comes with: US 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 needle tips, 3 cords, and the case. Purchased separately at a price of $202. So you’re essentially saving $32 by buying the set that contains all those sizes, cables and case.

[COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Navy][B][I]Personally, if I had a do-over…[/I]I’d spend $90[/B] for the needle tips US7, 8, 9, 10, plus the set of 3 cables. Forget the US11, forget the case. I’d stash my Addi Clicks and cables into one of my other cases. (the Addi wallet style case by itself costs $50)

FYI: For the price of [B]$150[/B] I could [B]buy both[/B] [U]Addi Clicks regular tips[/U] in US7-/8/9/10,[B] and[/B] [U]Addi Clicks Lace Longs[/U] in US7/8/9/10, plus the one set of 3 cable lengths. [COLOR=DarkRed][B]That would be my ultimate do-over! [/B][/COLOR]

Dang! Thanks for saving me a pile o’ scratch!

I don’t know if these are longs. This popped up while I was looking for something else. You can see the tips in the video. They don’t look that sharp to me. The NPs I have are that sharp I’m sure. But you don’t like the NPs.

Yes, they are the Addi Clickes Lace Longs. I purchased this exact kit, pink case and all
The photos below show a US6, Addi Clicks Lace Longs and a KP nickel plated Options.

The needle tip of Addi Clicks Lace circulars are just pointy enough to get the job done.

The Addi Clicks shaft is 5" long exactly. The KP is 4.5" exactly.

The rise of the tip on the Addi Lace is 3/4". The rise of the KP tip is just 1/2".
“The rise” is the slope from tip to the point where the full needle circumference is attained.

I personally prefer a longer rise. The Signature Needles have a longer rise, too. It helps with the gradual opening up of the stitch as you knit. The longer rise is a more gradual rise. It makes the knitting easier on many occasion, especially with hard maneuvers like “Purl 2 together through back loop”. Etc. I can think of many occasions where I was kissing my needles because of the longer rise from tip to full circumference on the needle shaft.