Addi Click Interchangables

If you like addi circulars, check this out. I just bought this…Will give an update when they arrive.

Its $140 on this site, ive seen it for $170. Just thought I would let yall know in case you were wanting this new set from Addi.

If you have a set, please give us a little review here.

I love love love my Addi’s and I love my harmony interchangeables. I am sure that Addi will make a quality product but at $140.00 I cannot justify it.

The Harmony IC are half the price and have the feel of the Addi’s. The only problem I have ever had with my Harmonies are cables coming apart and Knitpicks has always replaced them, no questions asked.

So much as I would love a set of Addi IC’s it isn’t going to happen at that price!!


I LOVE addi’s and have been waiting for this day!
Looks like i found my christmass gift to myself!

My name is Mike and I learned to knit years ago but never finished anything. About a year ago my girl friend (or DGF in KH terms :wink: )
started me knitting again. Now im more Knycho (Kniting Psycho) than
her. :smiley:

Your addi Click system provides:

10 different sizes of addi Turbo™ tips (US 4 – US 15)
3 different lengths of new, extremely pliable blue cord (24”, 32” and 40”)
one connector piece which you can use either to join your cable together so that it becomes a stitch holder or to combine cords for longer lengths. (exerpt from colorsong yarn’s ad)

For a possible 30+ needles you are paying less than $4.67 a needle and thats not a common price for addi’s. Basing this on $20. per needle, sometimes they are more sometimes they are less. To buy 30 needles you would be spending $600.00 now granted, there are some combinations you would possibly never use, but for the knitter who knits with alot of different sized needles, this is a good deal.

For me, this is a good deal and im happy cuz I now dont have to buy needles when I run across a project I don’t have needles for. And they are all in one spot. There wasn’t a moments hesitation for me. Thats why I wanted to share. Ya this is a chunk of money now, but you would be paying much more for individuals later.

A lot of us here have already purchased interchangeables from Knit Picks. They have nickleplated and wood. Some of us have the Denise interchangeables and a few have Boye. I think what Ginny was saying is that there are less expensive options out there that a lot of us have taken advantage of.
There is also now a set of bamboo interchangeables available so there is now pretty much something for everyone.
I hope you enjoy your Addis.

Ok…now that the addi clicks have been out for a while…has anyone had a chance to try them out? Are they awesome?

They have the same amazing feel that the addi Turbos do. They add about an inch to the length of the needle part because of the locking mechanism but other than that minute detail you have no clue that they are interchangeable while knitting.
I have knitted all sorts of different yarns with them and haven’t had a single one snag at all. The only thing negative I would say about them is that due to the locking method im not sure how arthritis friendly they would be, and there is no size 5.

If anyone is in the Jacksonville, FL area I believe that A Stitch In Time has two sets in stock.