Addi Circulars--not Turbo

Anyone have any experience for Addi Circulars that are not the Turbos? There is an ebay seller with many listed (link below).


The picture looks like turbo’s to me. That is the same packaging all of my turbos have come and it looks like the same needles and cables. :thinking:

There are bamboo Addis but those definitely look like Turbos - maybe different packaging?

i didn’t think there was really a difference between Addis and Turbos. honestly i have gotten all of my Addis from him and he is one of the few places where i will suggest ANYBODY order from. I have placed around 4-5 orders with him and have never had them take longer than a week to arrive (FROM HONG KONG!) and the price is unbeatable.

love love love him! Love him more than i love my husband!

(pretty sure dustina is going to be the only one who gets that! :rofling: )

Off to place an order! Thanks for the info.


I’ve seen lengthy discussions about the (supposedly) fact that these Addis are not Turbos and that’s why the package doesn’t say Turbo on it. But of course I forget where (knitty boards or knittersreview boards - probably knitty). I also have read that many can’t tell the difference between the two.

One person pointed out that if you ever had a problem with the ones from Hong Kong, you would have no recourse for replacement from Addi.

That’s all my holey brain remembers. :wink:


yeah but honestly, at the difference between $8 and $20 i think i will roll the dice. i don’t know the difference between Addis and Turbos but these are happy little needles as far as i am concerned and they are goooooood enough for me…lol

I just received 5 more pairs in the mail from him yesterday…I don’t know either if the lack of “turbo” means anything, but these needles are fan-freaking-tastic! :inlove:

My favorite thing about these needles are the cables! I love the flexibility sooo much. Makes me want to replace all the others I have - like I could afford that!

:shock: WOAH!!! Holy Christmas! I know what I’m askin’ Santa for, great prices!!!

BTW, I’m collecting the 16" lengths, size 5-11. That length is the ideal one for doing hats, and my Boye set starts at 20", which is workable for an adult hat, but not very fun. Maybe I’ll one day own the 24" Addi lengths as well, which is a bit more comfy to work sweaters with. EZ said those are the two lengths she used for nearly everything, and she says you can fit enormous shawls on a 24", so why get bigger (unless you’re into Magic Loop knitting).

Speaking of Magic Loop, I asked a ML knitter what her prefered cables were, and she said she found Addi’s to be the best – flexible cables, as Carol has noted! :wink:

ya know i was going to try the ML method for something and i looked at my Boyes and just shook my head. There was NO way i was going to try to get that cable to do bendy tricks for ML!

OKAY, I just found some info online about eBay’s selection of fake Addi’s, info here; it’s hard to say for sure if those are fakes. US packaging it says will always say Turbo, but what about if it’s British? That eBayer says their location is UK, and the packaging shows the sizing done in mm, which would indicate a European audience.

Julie and Brendojos, would you do us a favor and double check the gauge accuracy of those needles? The site says that that can be an issue with fakes. They might be slightly off if they’re originally sized as metric, and sold as US sizes. Not a huge concern if it’s close, I’d say.

ummmm… :oops: …would this be the place where i would have to confess, yet again, that i have never checked gauge before? :rollseyes:

[color=violet]I just found this opinion on knitters review:[/color]
If purchased in Europe, the needles will be called “plain” Addis. “Turbo” is a name that the US distributor, Skacel (?sp) gives to the needles that are sold here

[color=violet]and in this thread, a reply from Skacel (yay!):[/color]

The needles you see offered on Ebay are most likely Addi’s. I highly doubt they are knock-offs. You see, our manufacturer packages the Addi’s differently for each customer. They are only sold under the name “Addi Turbo” in North America.

Please note however, we cannot warrant other countries Addis (which have many distinguishing features that set them apart from our Turbo line). Therefore, if these needles ever need to be replaced or exchanged, they will have to be sent back to the seller.

Skacel Collection, Inc.

Skacel Collection, Inc.
North American Distributor for the Addi Turbo line…

[color=violet]Well this explains it for me, plus I just wrote to Skacel. And now I see this post (from 9/2004):[/color]

I fully understand your reasoning, as I too browse Ebay when I’m searching for a good deal. I do question the fact that Skacel did not respond to your email inquiries (or the shop’s inquires for that matter). We go to great lengths to provide the highest degree of customer service in the industry. I know no other company that will stand behind their products as we do. I deeply apologize for the fact that you did not receive a reply. In the future, you can direct your inquires to rob(at) I answer ALL inquires directed to my inbox personally. Furthermore, I will most certainly make myself available to aid all retail customers in rectifying their problem (assuming their local yarn shop could not help them).

You see, despite the fact that WE offer a 100% lifetime guarantee on all of our needles, some of our 1,750 shops still refuse to exchange customer’s damaged or defective needles. Therefore in cases like that, we welcome your phone calls, faxes, letters or emails!

Kind Regards,

Rob Delmont
General Manager
Skacel Collection, Inc.
(800) 255-1278

Skacel Collection, Inc.
North American Distributor for the Addi Turbo line…

[~~I edited rob’s email so the address isn’t picked up by spam-bots, email addresses in posts aren’t spam-safe. ~Amy]

Well, I have to say that I’ve ordered 13 sets from him thus far and I am OVERWHELMINGLY satisfied :smiley: I check the mm on the packaging, then the needle measureing thingy & mine are fine :thumbsup:
more like…[size=6]FANTASTIC[/size] :wink:

Alrighty, let me just pull out the embarrassing number of Addis I’ve bought from Mr. Wonderland…:oops:

And where the heck is my needle sizer thingy…

Aah, here we go. :smiley:

INTERESTING. All of them fit in my needle gauge as they should except for the US4s, which are a weeee bit too big, but not quite 5s. The only other thing that is “off” is that the cord on my US10s is not as flexible. But all of the others seem perfect, and let me tell you, I’ve been knitting with them for months and they are sooo wonderful. They all have the addi/made in Germany stuff on the cable. This is the web site listed on the packaging:

From Amy’s link: “Be sure to check the card enclosed with the needle to be sure you have received the original Addi Turbo needle sold in the US ONLY by Skacel, which are available ONLY in yarn stores. Below are the only two labels that are currently in use by Skacel for the Addi needles.”

From what it looks like, the eBay needles are for European distribution – German is the primary language on all of the packaging. Perhaps that’s the difference? That these aren’t the ones distributed by Skacel?

Here’s the insert…

[color=orange]Here’s the letter I just got from Skacel (fast reply!)[/color]


Hello Carol,

Thank you for your email.

The needles featured by this Ebay seller are not the US version. The manufacturer does supply to other markets outside the United States. I looked at the link that you provided and it seems strange that the auction originates in the United Kingdom but the needle ships from Hong Kong. The seller’s feedback seems to be ok, but it looks like all the auctions are private. So, I would say that is possible that the needle could be an Addi turbo, just not a version that we carry.

The term “turbo” stands for any of the Addi’s that are a nickel plated brass. This makes the knitting very fast and smooth. We carry other needles that aren’t the turbo. We have bamboo, aluminum, and steel.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,

Jason Jordan

Skacel Collection inc

I would say that jeff originates in England and drop ships from Hong Kong. I looked at my ‘addi-turbos’ that I’ve bought in the states and the one’s from Jeff & they are the same. All in all, I’m very happy with all the needles that I’ve gotten…and will continue to get :wink: :thumbsup: