Addi Circular Needles

Hi. Can you knit socks on a circular needle? I’m not so great with the DPNs. If so, what size/length would I need.

Also, what are longer lengths use for (like 48" and beyond).

Can anyone shed some light??


Longer lengths more than 40" are used to knit 2 socks at a time. They say you need at least 40" for magic loop and one sock, but I think you could do it easily with a 29-36" length.

Ah, see, I’ve never knitted socks before, nor have I done a magic loop. What size needle do you need to do socks? I’d like to knit some for the whole family. Would one needle size work for kids and adults?

What other uses would there be for longer lengths??

You use the same size needle, generally from 1 -3, for any sock, the CO number determines the sizing. You could do lace work, though a lot of that is done on larger needles 4 and up.