Addi 4" DPN's?

Has anyone tried the Addi 4" DPN’s? I was thinking of getting a set to do socks with. Are they comfortable to knit with, or are they too short? TIA! :smiley:

I’ve never used them sorry!


I havent used them - but I just wanted to say - Someone on here linked me up to the Susan Bates Quick Silver DPN’s and I LOVE doing socks on them!!! I had used various wood needles and I had so many problems - too short, they bowed - I just LOVE the quick Silvers. Just wanted to throw that in.

Thanks, becjo & Jan!

I saw them on eBay, and was just wondering. I placed a bid and won! I’ll let you all know how they are when I get them! :thumbsup:

I purchased a set and I LOVE them! I tried several pairs of dpn’s. I couldn’t use wood or bamboo since I stitch very tight. The metal needles that I found worked great, however I spent an incredible amount of time repositioning because of the length. The 4" length may be a hair too short but are much easier than the 6" or 8" lenght of the other needles. You have to be very careful when starting out. It takes time to get used to the short length. I dropped stitches like crazy the first few times I used them. But once you get the hang of it, they’re wonderful. :smiley:

I have little four inch dps made of slippery plastic. Not sure the manufacturer. I love to use them for socks. They are flexible and not so slippery that the stitches slide off. I just have to remember to centre the stitches when I finish a needle. Not a big deal. I hope you enjoy the needles!!! samm

Those sound like Bryspuns… I want a set of short ones so bad! I have a long {8 or 9 inches}, and they’re great for socks, but VERY long for the way I knit.