Added a stitch by mistake

Hi everyone,
I’m knitting a sweater (my first in 10 years!), and I accidentally added a stitch a bunch of rows ago (I accidentally did a yarn over, and sadly I didn’t realize it until now). The added stitch is on the top part of the sleeve, right in the middle. Is it better to just K2tog at the correct place in my current row to decrease to where I’m supposed to be (which means that I’ll have an extra stitch in each row for about 8 rows), or should I frog back to the mistake?

OR, is there some fancy trick for going back to fix this kind of blunder without frogging? I dropped the accidental stitch back off to try to fix the mistake, but now there are longish loops of yarn for 8 rows… Is this making any sense?

Sheesh, this stuff is hard to explain online!!

Thanks in advance for any advice!


Have you checked out Amy’s videos on fixing mistakes? She shows how to fix stitches with a crochet hook.

I’d say just to knit two together, but I’m unsure if you’re unhappy with those “longish loops”.

I did check out those videos (which are fabulous!), but none of them solved my problem…

I know how to pick the added stitch back up (to get rid of the loops), but I’m afraid that it will give the sleeve a weird shape for those 8 rows…or leave a weird looking “bloop” where I knit the two together. DO you think that either of these things would make it look weird? (The sleeves have about 70 stitches in them for each sleeve so far).

I was hoping for a way to work the yard from those loops back in without leaving the extra stitch in for those 8 rows?? Or maybe I’ll just rip it out back to the mistake…

Thanks for the encouragement!


One stitch out of 70 isn’t going to make a blip of difference. If you’re concerned about the seaming, you can just seam in one from the edge on those. I really don’t see it being too big a deal, though.

However, if all you can see is those looser stitches, and it will bother you, then get rid of them. I know that if I go back and redo something that bothers me, then I’m so much happier in the end. If it doesn’t bother me, I leave it.

Okay, well if you don’t think it will make a difference to have one extra stitch for a few rows, maybe I will go back and pick up that extra stitch from where I dropped it. That should get rid of the loops (but give me that extra stitch for 8 rows)…then I can decrease one right near the seam of the arm and the body. Thanks again for the advice…I was just afraid to leave the mistake in there (even though it’s really only 1 stitch) and then find out I can see it when I’ve gotten 10 rows further!!