**Added a question** Equestrian Club!

I’m so happy!

So, back when I was in 7th and 8th grade, I took riding lessons. And, with the time committment and all, I eventually quit. Then I really started to miss it.

But, I just joined the equestrian team at my college! So, I’ll get to start lessons again! I’m sooo excited. On Thursday I’m going with a friend to buy boots and maybe half chaps. My dad’s sending up my helmet that I still have. And, on Sunday, we have barn orientation! And then lessons start!!

I can’t wait!!!

Edit: So, tomorrow, Thursday, I’m going to the tack store. Now, I definitely am going to buy paddock boots. But I’m torn between just getting half chaps to wear over jeans or getting breeches. Any suggestions??

That sounds great! I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun!


Get em both. I like to ride in jeans, with my half chaps, but sometimes, just having breeches is nice too because they’re stretchy and comfortable…

If you can afford it, go for both. :slight_smile: