Add stitches to end of row

What is the best way to cast on stitches at the end of a knitted row. I am starting a sleeve and after knitting the first row, it tells me to: “cast on 2 sts (front edge)”

Is single cast on the only way to do this? Or should I try knitting 2 more sts on? This is the first time I’ve ever done this and want to make sure to use the right method.


You can knit them on, or use the cable CO. Hold the needle with the sts on it in you L hand as if you were going to knit a new row, cast on, then work the new sts and the previous ones.

How would I do cable CO when I only have he one yarn length coming from the needle? the next row I am to work is a purl row. Does that make a difference? Won’t the new stitches look like knit stitches.

Here’s where I am in the pattern:

CO 21 sts
k across all 21 sts
CO 2 sts (front edge)
then here is the next row I am to do:
Inc in 1st st, purl to the end

The cast on doesn’t really look like a knit or purl. The cable CO is like the knit cast on except you poke the needle between sts instead of into the first stitch. Then since it’s a purl row, you purl the new sts and you might as well CO 3 since you’re to inc in the first on anyway, or just CO 2 and inc the first one.

Thanks, suzeeq! I tried that and the piece looks odd. It it supposed to be a smooth curved edge for the left bottom of the front side of my bollero style sweater. But these directions are causing a stair step looking jagged edge. Maybe its not possible to do a smooth curve? Think I’ll work on the sleeves until I can get to my yarn shop and ask for help.

It may be you pick up sts along the edge when you’re done and that will smooth it out. Also, it may look better after you’ve done some more rows.