Add rows to bottom of hat?

Hi all. I recently finished knitting a hat from the bottom up but it turned out to be slightly too short. I’d like to add a couple rows to the bottom. I thought I could pick up stitches from my cast on row and go from there, but realized I would be knitting upside down. Does anyone have a better suggestion on how to do this? Thanks!

That’s what I would do. I really don’t think you’d notice the difference all that much.

The upside down stitches shouldn’t be a problem but, depending on the yarn and your cast-on, the pickup row might be a bit noticeable. You could do the extra rows as a border in a different stitch (or a different color) and turn them into a design element.

Or she could knit the picked up stitches x amount of inches and turn it up like a cuff to just a little above the cast on edge.

Thanks for all the advice! I think I’ll crochet a couple rows to change it up. We’ll see how it works out…