Add ribbing to cast on edge with more stitches than the cast on edge?

Screenshot_20171118-214930I cannot figure out what I’m supposed to do here. I can knit most stitches that I’m shown, but kinda suck at reading patterns and deciphering the words.

That’s some odd directions… can you tell us the name of the pattern and provide a link please? Don’t post the whole pattern here just the link.

It’s a pattern I bought on etsy.

That’s fine, but can you give us a link so we can see it?

Thank you. Here’s the Ravelry link where you can see what other people have done.

I can’t find anything relating to the number of stitches on the ribbed edge, but there may be something in the pattern. In the comments section the designer appears to have deleted a comment or two, but says to email her so maybe that’s your best bet if the pattern doesn’t tell you how many you should increase.

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I wonder if this video might help. Ignore the ratios that Amy mentions for numbers of sts to pick up. Your pattern wants one stitch picked up for each cast on stitch.

If this doesn’t help then Jan’s suggestion of contacting the designer is the best idea.