Add on Stitches

I’m doing the “Prim and Proper” dishcloth found in “Color Splash Dishcloths” by Evelyn A Clark. I don’t know how to do the beginning of one of the rows and the picture of it is unclear to me; it says to “add on 2 stitches, K2, K1 tbl”. I know how to increase a stitch in the middle of a row but I’m not sure how to add on at the beginning and I’m not sure of the “tbl”. Will somebody explain this to me? I sure would appreciate it. Thanks.

To cast on at a beg of a row I use the Single Cast On…and then the “tbl” would be through the back loop… normally when you knit you enter the front of the stitch it wants you to enter and knit from the back… I hadn’t seen these dishrags before and they are very pretty… :happydance: can’t wait to see yours!!

As an alternative, you could knit on the stitches at the start of a row. When I do the backwards loop cast-on, sometimes the stitches look a little sloppy. See what works best for you.

Thanks for your help; I think I get it now.