Add a pocket

i am not sure whether to post this here or in pattern central, but i was wanting to know how easy it would be to add a front pocket to this pattern :

and how i would do this. i want it to be a central pocket like you see on must hooded sweatshirts. thanks for any help.

eta: this page has a better picture is you need to see it:

This might help you

Also, if you have access to Vogue’s ‘Ultimate Knitting Book’ there’s info on pouch pockets (great for this look), or ‘The Big Book of Knitting’ which has instructions on doing angled pockets (common in sweatshirt style garments). Personally, I’d steer clear of the standard rectangle patch, or inset, style.


okay, thanks, i am working on getting a copy of one of those books.

Here are couple sweatshirt-style sweaters with pockets that might interest you. (In your case it’d be one large pocket rather than two.) Could easily be done as patch pocket: CO however many sts wide you want it, work desired number of rows until angles start (then dec 1 st ea edge on RS, work even on WS) til desired length. BO upper edge. Seam to front at upper, side and lower edges leaving angled openings free.


:grrr: After i posted this and spent all day looking for answers or another pattern that already had what i was looking for, i found out that SnB has a pattern in it that is exactly (well almost) what i was looking for, with one pocket and everything. :oops: I have SnB. Why did i not check books i own first? All I have to do is change the colors to what i want then to be. So, thanks for all the help, but i think i will use the pattern i found there. It is called “Under the Hoodie” if anyone has the book and wants to look at it.

Thanks again!