Add a name

I want to knit some things for Christmas with family and friends name on them could someone please direct me to the right place to find instructions on how to do this? I am not sure really how to follow a chart but I just need some directions. Thank you.

I’d suggest you take a piece of paper with squares on it, then start sketching out the names and such by filling squares (with x’s for instance, each square = 1 stitch, more or less).

Then, if you have that ready, look at is as if it were a chart. If you need help on how to read a chart, I’m sure there are some videos out there.

I’d suggest using fair isle, or if you’re feeling up to it, double knitting.

I always use duplicate stitch for names. That way, if the person you’re knitting it for doesn’t care for the stocking, it’s easy to pull out the threads and put a different name on it. :thumbsup:

Duplicate stitch is fun and easy. Just make sure the stocking name section is knit in stockinette, so the name stitching will be easy. Here’s a great tutorial: Bella Knitting Duplicate Stitch

Here’s a nice online program for charting either knit in names or duplicate stitch. And another tutorial for duplicate stitch
Shandeh, I never though about the ability to remove the name! Another reason to go with duplicate stitch.