Adapting Yarn to needles and pattern

I am a newbie knitter, and I’m progressing fast but I still have some doubts and I do not knit on expensive yarn just yet… but I found a girl who was destashing and I bought some Bluemerino extra fine. It is for US size 6 needles. My pattern calls for size 4.
I tried to change needles to get the gauge but now I’m down to size 3 and the gauge is still off. I imagine this means that the yarn that I have is not to be used with the pattern I’m attempting?
I guess my real (and probably silly question) is not every yarn can be adapted to any needles?

Sorry but I’m still trying to get the grasp on how to get the gauge right. Thanks!

What is it you’re knitting? If it’s a sized garment, you can use the instructions for a smaller size.


That is what I do, my gauge ALWAYS turns out bigger than the gauge on the pattern (even when using the exact pattern and needles). So I do a gauge swatch, figure the % bigger and then adjust the size accordingly.

Thank you, I’m actually trying one of the SNB patterns, go everywhere and go with everything cardigan…
My gauge is just a couple of stitches off but I know that a couple adds to a lot, so I might actually try to make the smaller size… I hope I don’t ruin my nice yarn :slight_smile:

You should be able to figure pretty closely if it will fit. With a caigan the most important measurement is the chest so just measure your gauge and calculate the inches from the total number of stitches. Length of the body and arms can always be adjusted as long as the bust fits.

I’m actually doing that now with a neck down cardigan. I am using a bulkier yarn than the pattern calls for. As soon as I get to the part where I seperate for the arms and the body I will a measure the piece to make sure I have enough stitches. With a raglan sleeve it is easy to just ass a few more rows if you need more ease.