Adapting Sleeves to a Circular Needle - HELP!

I am making as sweater that in the pattern called for making the front, then the back, using a 3-needle BO at the shoulder. Then laying the garment flat and picking up the amount of stiches at the shoulder on a straight needle and knitting the sleeve from the shoulder down, decreasing as you go, then sewing up side seams and sleeve seams.

I wanted to use a circular needle to cut down on the seams, so I used a circular needle for the body, the split the stiches at the underarm, and used a straight needle to finish the rest of the back and then the rest of the front. I’m in the process of doing the 3 needle BO on the shoulders and want to start my sleeves. I want to use a circular needle on the sleeves as well, picking up the stiches around the arm hole that I have made.

My question is about the decreasing on the sleeves. Since I am basically winging this, I’m not sure where to place my decreases on the circular needle. On the straight needle the pattern says to decrease on each end until you get the right amount of stiches. When decreasing like this on a circular needle to a do a decrease before and after my row marker?? Seems like that would be logical, but I’m wondering if it will turn out weird.

Any suggestions?? Thanks! :shrug:

Yes, you’re correct. The stitches on either side of your beginning of round marker, which would be at the underarm, are the same as the beginning and end of row if you were knitting flat. So do your decreases on either side of the beginning of round marker (at the underarm) until you have the right # of stitches and then continue on.

Thanks KnitQueen! That is what I thought, but I wasn’t sure. I’m self taught so I’m usually winging it! I find though that when I spend time thinking about stiches or how to do something, it seems to make sense and I can just do it. Thanks for the help!