Adapting patterns for a combined knitter

Hi there everyone!
I’m new here and just getting back to knitting after many years. It turns out that when I learned from my Middle eastern mother-in-law, I learned combined knitting.
Now I’ve found that it doesn’t work well with Western patterns, and I’m getting really frustrated!
Is there any simple way to figure out the adjustments, or will I have to forget about any patterns with open work?
Any suggestions are appreciated!
Thanks all!

Welcome to KH!
See if this table helps with some simple directions.

I found the table in this article:

You may have already worked these out. It seems like yarn overs could be worked by paying attention to the direction of the legs of the yarn over and perhaps adapting your knitting so that that the yarn overs stay open.
Annie Modesitt seems to be one of the go to people for combined with several articles and books including one on working standard patterns, “Confessions of a Knitting Heretic”: