Adapting pattern


I am knitting Saartje’s bootees for a gift using this revised pattern,
which says makes less seams then the original

The original pattern uses Rowan Cashcotton, (35% Cotton 25% Polyamide 18% Angora
13% Viscose 9% cashmere ) size US 1 or 2 needles, 7 spi with 8 garter ridges/inch,
and 35 sts make a bootee that is approx. 3 ¾ inches long.

I am using Sirdar Snuggly yarn which is nylon and acrylic with US 4 needles. My knitted a swatch which gave me approx. results of: 6 spi , 6 garter ridges/inch, cast on 24 sts which measured almost 4 inches.

I need the bootees to fit about a 5 inch foot and am not sure about the gauge,
adapting the pattern, inc. and dec. etc to fit the larger size.

I am not able to figure the math out and as these are needed soon I don’t want to guess on it either.
It is easy to read that many of you have been knitting for years and can figure this out easily.

Would greatly greatly appreciate the help,

Now that I have had my first cup of coffee, I can calculate stitches.

Could you repost the link to the pattern? It doesn’t open for me.

It depends on how the bootie is constructed. Is it like a standard sock? Or do you knit a square & then fold to form the foot?

Here are the two links.

This is the original version



I hope they work thanks for responding and helping. I sure need it


Looked at the pattern. It is formed by starting at the sole & increasing. You gauge is different & you want a longer foot.

Honestly, I’m not sure exactly how to alter the pattern because of the shaping. Wish I could be more helpful.

Wanted to add, my rough estimate came up with a start of 40 stitches as the cast on. But with the shaping, I’m not sure that is right.

I think you calculated the wrong direction - with thicker yarn and larger needles you need to cast on less than the original 35 sts, not more. I came up with 29 when I calculated the gauge percentage difference, and I’m not sure that’s a good way to figure it.

Duh, I just had an idea… In the original gauge 35 sts = 5". In the gauge the OP is getting 5" would be 30 sts. So I guess the 29 sts is the right way to go.