Adapting pattern to different gauge

I made my mom a shawl collared cardigan last year and successfully adapted the yarn from Lion brand kool wool to Paton’s Divine. My mom’s best friend loves the sweater, so my mom bought me the yarn to make her one (she is significant enough in my life to warrant a sweater!)

The problem is that instead of choosing Paton’s Divine, we got Red Heart Symphony and because I was getting over a cold, I completely spaced on the fact that Divine is bulky (as is kool wool), while Symphony is worsted. I knew it was futile, but I tried sizing up my needles for a gauge swatch, but it wasn’t happening.

Then I sat down to do the “knitting math” to figure out the number of stitches I would need to cast on, increase, decrease and shape to end up with approximately the same sweater…but I conked out pretty quickly. I wasn’t confident enough in my calculations to go forward.

I finally decided just to follow the “large” instructions, which should come out to the measurements I need to fit my mom’s friend. Here is the question: Will the increases and decreases be “to scale”? I am particularly worried about the arm hole shaping. The body shaping is subtle and I will be able to tell immediately if it is off (plus, it’s not nearly as important as armholes!) Is this going to work or am I going to get some strange distortions?

Thanks! Normally I love experimenting, but this yarn is so awful–and nearly impossible to frog because of all the acrylic fuzz–so I thought I should ask for advice from people who have attempted this type of thing.

You shouldn’t have a problem with the shaping, but do check the length of the armhole. Those instructions are usually in inches for the different sizes, so that’s the only place you might want to adjust.

I made a top down raglan pullover with this yarn and it’s nice and fluffy. Just go really slow if you have to pull out any stitches.