Adapting pattern to a different gauge?



Is it possible to convert a pattern with a gauge of 18st + 26r = 4" to use a yarn with a gauge of 21st + 26r = 4"? If so, how would I do this. (I’m between beginner and intermediate in my skill level). Thanks!!


Have you knit a gauge swatch with the yarn to see what kind of knit fabric you get and at what gauge? Once you know your stitch gauge, you can decide if you need to knit a size larger in the pattern and whether or not you like a lacier look to the knit fabric.

What is the name of your pattern?


Thanks for replying so quickly!! :slightly_smiling_face:
The pattern is Red Heart’s “Everyday Knit Cardigan” (LW 6573). Haven’t bought the yarn yet because I wanted to find out first if the pattern could be easily converted from a medium-4 thickness to a DK-3 ( Bergere De France Ideal Yarn Mix Bleu) yarn. I’m not experienced enough of a knitter to know if changing suggested yarn thickness would alter all the casting on/binding off #s or have other consequences I might not even know about. Am I making this more complicated than it needs to be?? Tried to find a pattern I like to match the yarn requirements but couldn’t do so.


The most straightforward and really the best thing to do is to buy yarn that will give you the gauge required by the pattern. There are so many yarns out there and so many patterns that it pretty much isn’t worth the fiddling required to change the gauge on a sweater. An advanced search on Ravelry will bring up pages of patterns for whichever yarn weight you’d like to use.


Thanks for the link! I searched the patterns in Ravelry (and in a general search) and really didn’t find one that fit the criteria as well as the Red Heart pattern. I HAD looked for other yarn before and just found myself falling in love with the colors of the Bergere De France yarn. Plus, while I love knitting with Lion’s Wool-Ease which would work for the pattern, I wanted something lighter weight. Would it really be too much trouble for me to adjust the pattern given my skill level?


It depends on how willing you are to do the math and test knit this. In a way, you’re redesigning the pattern and going through some of the steps a designer goes through.
You can get an idea of what’s involved by calculating the sweater dimensions given the yarn gauge. See if you can use the stitch counts for the next larger size. Once you know your gauge with the yarn, you’ll really be able to judge that but the yarn gauge will at least give you an estimate.


If you’re willing to do the math, I’ve found Karen Templer’s tutorial the most helpful. I used it to knit my Calligraphy sweater in a DK that was substantially lighter than the DK used for the pattern, and with getting more stitches per inch to get the kind of fabric I wanted. I ended up figuring out that I needed to knit the next size up and the sweater turned out to fit perfectly. You can read this and see if it makes sense to you and use it to figure out what size sweater you would need to knit to knit it with the yarn you want to use. Good luck!