Adapting and increasing in a pattern

Hey there!

I’m currently working on the Cropped Raglan Sweater pattern by Lion Brand and I need help with resizing it. I’ve never done any resizing on things so I need assistance from experienced knitter’s who’ve done this. The pattern says to just knit straight all the way down and then bind off. I did but my righteous hips won’t allow the bottom of the cardigan to wrap a lot around me. I want to unravel a bit so I can make increases but not sure how much to increase, where, how often. Any advice?

I’d start about where your waist is and do a little math. I am also in possession of a bodacious caboose, so my sweaters feel your pain. Figure how many inches you need to fit your hips. You know your gauge, so multiply inches by stitches per inch and you’ll get, for instance, two inches times six stitches per inch=12 stitches you need to add. (Okay, so it’s a lot more for me…:))

If you think of your body cross-section as rectangular, and you increase on the corners, you can flare the sweater out slightly with either four (make one at the corners, probably) or eight (make one right, knit one, make one left) increases per row. If you measure yourself in a couple of places, you’ll know how far apart to space your increase rows to get the fit you want.

NOTE: I’m fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your outlook, of the flat butt group so I haven’t done this.

I think starting a bit above the waist will give a more gradual shaping. Depending on how fast you increase will also determine shape… close would create a flare or a ruffle. Increases further apart would make more a-line which may be more what you want. So starting a bit higher would accommodate a tummy as well.

We have a moderator here named Artlady, but she hasn’t been around in forever. Most of her sweaters have been adapted this way and she writes out in detail what she’s doing so this may be of help. She does seamed sweaters but you may get ideas.