Adapting a sock pattern written for 5 dpns for 4 dpns

Is there a simple way to estimate the number of stitches on each needle, if I intend to knit a sock pattern written for 5 dpns (1 working needle, and 4 needles holding stitches) on 4 dpns? A mathematical formula of some kind that would make it very easy for me? Thank you in advance for your answers.

Most socks patterns use half the stitches for the instep side and half for the sole side. You could use two for the instep side and one for the sole/heel side as there are more rows at the heel and then easier to work with just one needle.

Or if the pattern is really strange, just divide the stitches however you want and put stitch markers there where the original needles would have been.

Thank you for your help, engblom. II will distribute the stitches on my needles as you are suggesting. Will look at the distribution of stitches in a few sock patterns (4 dpns) before casting on… Thank you again and Happy New Year to you! :wink:

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I also prefer to work on 3 double points when making socks/gloves. To minimize my confusion using a 5-needle pattern, especially if involves a lace pattern, I place a marker at the middle point of the needle holding the stitches for the top of the foot. It helps me to visualize the sock in quarter sections. I also add a purl stitch to the middle of the heel section; again, just to help me visualize the quarter sections.

Thank you for your reply. It gives me some hints to better visualize my knitting.