Adapting a Pattern

Hi…I am new to this forum. I am from Nova Scotia Canada. I have been knitting for some years now, mostly afghans…just love them. Recently though I have tried knitting for craft sales. I have a few pairs of knitted slippers by designer Barbara Breiter. These are cuffed slippers meant for Men and Women but have been asked if I could make some for children. I have no clue how to adapt the pattern to make them smaller. Can you help???

Can you post the pattern name and a link if possible? Always helps when asking questions.

Sometimes just going down a needle size and yarn weight will make them smaller, but it does depend on the pattern. If all else fails there are other cuffed patterns that might work.

Hello Jan
Thank you for your quick reply! Silly of me not to give all the information in original post…was not sure I could list link about other sites.
The pattern was “cuffed slippers” from Barbara Breiters knitting on the net.
I did think about different needle sizes for 2 seconds but figured that was more of a tension issue…never thought about size! If though the slipper was foreshortened for a smaller foot would the size of the cuff be an issue? I wondered if I would have to revamp the pattern…amount of stitches etc.

I am looking forward to your reply and Thank you!

Ohhh okay. I was picturing like a sock cuff. I think using lighter weight yarn and smaller needle might get you the size you need. Are you thinking kid sized? They have smaller ankles anyway so the opening being smaller might not be a big deal. If you mean small adult then I’d start them the normal way with the worsted yarn and just make them shorter. You might need a few less stitches, too either way so they aren’t as tall from insole to arch.

Hi Jan,
Thanks! I will try your suggestions and see what happens. Yes it is children sizes that I need- specifically sz 3 . I will let you know how things work out. Am very grateful for your help!

Hi Again Jan,

Well Thanks a million! We Have done it! I used a worsted wool as required by pattern and knitted the pattern as stated. Instead of 5mm needles I used 4mm. The slipper produced just measured size 3 on Clark’s shoe scale! Now to knit a complete pair. :grinning:

Oh that’s awesome! Share a picture when you finish!