Adapting a pattern to my gauge + size

I’ve decided to try “Peter” from Berroco, and have selected a yarn and gauge slightly smaller than theirs. They call for 20 stitches to 4" and my yarn knits at 22st/4". Therefore my gauge is 1.1 times theirs, and accordingly my stitches are .9090909 times the size of theirs. Thus if I knit the Medium (44" chest) pattern it will come out as Small (40" chest). At least it seems that way on paper… does this work in reality?

Next question: how do I measure my chest? Just tightly under the arms and around the widest point of my torso? Should I add an inch or two so the garment won’t be skin-tight? What if I plan to wear the vest over shirts, as in the Berroco model photo?

Your best bet for measuring for a sweater is to measure a sweater that you like the fit of and go for that size.

I’m asking how a chest measurement is taken because the pattern describes sizes by chest size in inches. If I don’t measure my chest the same way they do, then I won’t know which size to choose. Same goes for measuring a sweater that I like… the question is where/how to measure.

Usually a sweater is largest just under the armholes. That would be the size the pattern is aiming for. I measure about 42-43" around the largest part of my bust, but usually make my sweaters about 40-41". I knit with larger needles usually 3-3.5 sts/inch, so they’re stretchy and not tight on me. It depends if you want a snug or loose fit.


I understand what you are asking. The problem is that while it is measuring, it isn’t an exact science. I actually test knit an entire sweater because not only was I going to knit in a different gauge, but I also was going to make a combination of the medium and large sizes. I have to knit the large for my bust and upper arms, but shorter sleeves and body length.

Whatever you decide to do, take copius (copious) notes while you are knitting it up!

My understanding on chest measurements is that you want to go under the pits, and across the nipples. Male or female, that should be the largest part of your chest.