Adapting a pattern - Silver's sock tutorial + bulky yarn?

Hi all,
I’d love to learn how to adapt patterns to suit the yarn I have. I have a stash of super bulky yarn (I think? Crystal Palace Puffin). I’ve been enjoying knitting hats with it and would love to attempt a pair of squooshy warmy socks for the winter for in my clogs.

Is there a standard recipe/formula for adjusting a pattern? Or ca n someone help me modify Silver’s sock tutorial for super bulky yarn on 10.5 needles? (about 3.5 stitches/inch). I’d rather learn to do it myself so I can do it again in the future.


I don’t know about adapting her pattern, but if you know the basic construction of socks you can make them out of weight. Do a swatch and calculate your stitches per inch (over 4 inches and divide by 4) then measure your leg and figure out how many to cast on based on your measurement and stitches per inch.

Here’s a pattern for big bulky socks, too.

Here’s a sock calulator that would create the pattern for you based on measurement and gauge.