Adapting a pattern for a smaller size


My granddaughter wants me to knit her a bubble cardigan just like this.
She is 11 though and this pattern is adult size.
Does anyone know of a pattern matching this for a child or how do I adapt this pattern to make it smaller?

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What is the smallest size the pattern offers? Maybe what you could try is using the smallest size but use thinner yarn with thinner needles. I have no idea if that would work but you could try!!!


I’m not sure if this would be any help - my idea would be to find a cardigan pattern that would fit her, but use bubble stitch instead, using the same amount of stitches or as close as you can get (also, do the rib cuffs/hems as stated in pattern, then adjust the stitch count on the last row before changing to bubble stitch).
The hat pattern on this page about bubble stitch is knitted in the round, but you might glean an idea from it as to how the shaping while maintaining the pattern might work. There’s also a chart at the bottom. You’d have to do some tinkering with this, but it’s the best I could come up with, if Knitcindy’s idea (which is definitely worth trying first - I’m just the resident crazy knitting scientist!) didn’t give you the desired results.

That’s a great idea- I’m going to do some swatches on thinner yarn and small needles and see what happens.

The smaller pattern size is size 8 and my granddaughter is quite tall for her age, so hopefully I can work out what to do.

I think your idea is the one I’ll try first as it will be easier to follow the original pattern as the ‘maths’ side of things certainly isn’t my forte!

Thank you for replying

Great!!! And kids always seem to be wearing their clothes big and baggy now a days anyway. Let us know how things work out!