Acrylic Yarn Requested

I have a young friend (35) that has spent many years caring for her mother (stroke victim). They manage to get by on her mother’s monthly check, but that leaves her little to nothing for extras. She has taught herself to crochet, her only outlet in life it seems. I ask that if any of you have unwanted acrylic yarn (Red Heart, Caron Simply Soft, I Love This Yarn, etc.); scraps, partial, or whole skeins, please consider giving them to her. Contact me and I will pay for mailing cost and ask that you send the yarn to her address. She lives in Georgia. I live in South Carolina. I know she would greatly appreciate your gift and it would brighten her life.

I probably have some, but I’m not sure they are full skeins. Let me look and see what I have and see if it’s worth sending.

Thanks Jan!

There has been two people to respond and I appreciate so much what you have done for my friend. She was thrilled with the package she received yesterday and I know the other will be just as exciting for her. :hug:


Just saw your post. I normally don’t look here, because I’m trying to contain my yarn collecting habit.

Does it have to be worsted? I have oodles of sport weight acrylic, but only a little worsted. Would a mixed bag of goodies work?

She should be able to use the sport weight acrylics. It will give her a chance to work with something other than worsted.

Let me find a box. I’ll start packing the mixed bag o’ goodies. :slight_smile: Would you PM me her address, please? Thanks!

I have some too… PM me her name and address and I’ll get it in the mail :slight_smile:

Please look for my PM.


Does she still need yarn? I’ve cleaned out one section of my yarn stash and have several skeins and partial skeins that are acrylic.

I can check and see what I have also I know I have some with alot of the same skein and can send. Dont worry about the postage just pm me her address and will get it out Monday if you are still wanting some for her.

PM sent to you.

PM sent to you.

Here is some wool from my stash, would she be interested??

Let me know…:cool:

Thank you for your offer, but acrylic is what she works with.
She makes gifts for others and they need to be machine washable so others won’t accidentally ruin them the first time they are washed.

I didn’t have time to mail my package over the holidays, but I should be able to this week. I’ll let you know when I do.

Thanks Jan.

Its been a while since your last post but… is she still in need of yarn? I have quite a few skeins of Red Heart I can send.

And I’ve received a large donation of acrylic yarn from someone who gave it to me after I told her I give it all away, so I have more. :slight_smile:

I’ve already given a lot to local projects I’m involved with and to a project in Haiti I found out about through Ravelry, but please let us know about your friend.


I know I have stuff I can send her so PM me her name and address I will go through stuff and send her what I have. I know I have a couple full skeins of Caron I think and other stuff too. Be glad to do it and forget the postage. It doesn’t cost much to help out someone else and if it brings a bit of joy into her life then it surely brings joy into mine!