Acrylic yarn (bernat satin ) for toddler sweater?

I just got my bernat satin from I immediately fall in love with them. I love working with them. They are for an Afghan project.

Most of the stuff I have been knitting are sweaters for my toddler girl. I have only used wool for this purpose. But they are too hot for spring(I am in North CA). So I am thinking, can I knit sweater with Bernat satin for my girl? I have been told you shouldn’t used acrylic for sweaters. What are the reasons behind this?

For you guys who have knitted or worn acrylic sweaters, what are the complaints?

Well, acrylic doesn’t breathe like wool or other organic materials do. This means it can get very hot which won’t solve your problem with wool sweaters. Another issue, which is more important in my opinion, is that when acrylic is exposed to heat it melts and can cause burns, whereas wool is naturally flame retardant. So when you’re making an item for your daughter, you may want to consider that.

Some acrylics don’t hold up as well in shaping as others. And as Knitgal said it won’t breathe like a natural fiber. If you want to make your dd a spring/summer sweater, consider making it in wool, cotton or a linen blend (I personally think linen by itself is too coarse for clothing, but love the blends) Take the sweater up a needle or two size to make it more “holey” or find a nice open lace pattern that would be less weight than cables or stockinette stitch alone.

I really enjoy Wool-ease for children’s sweaters as they are washable and hold up well. I found one of my dd’s sweaters that I knit from Wool-ease something like 12 years ago that has been through three kids and it still looks great. The baby sweater my grandmother crocheted out of RHSS from that same era aren’t as nice looking.

You might try a cotton blend (Bernat has a couple, Lion has CottonEase); acrylic makes me too hot, so wouldn’t advise it for Cal. summers.

having made my son his weasley sweater from RH super saver:

  1. it won’t hold it’s shape. it drapes.

  2. it’ll be too hot to wear most of the time. he wears his to school and then ends up taking it off because it’s too hot.

  3. it will end up having the weight of an afghan. my son sometimes wears his weasley sweater to bed with his pj bottoms and doesn’t cover up. he said that wearing it is like being wrapped up in an afghan.

  4. as mentioned above, it will melt. a couple small spots along the edge ended up with the yarn breaking. I used a lighter to melt them back together (these are places that are hidden in the seam). so not only does it melt, it also changes color (in this case from navy blue to a dark, burnt orange)