Acrylic Twist Knitting Needles?

Hi guys. I’m looking to buy a new pair of dpns, because I’ve managed to lose a set during my move in March. I was looking on Hobby Lobby’s website, and I came across Acrylic Twist Knitting Needles. I was wondering if any of ya’ll had any experience with them? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!! :muah:

I haven’t used the dpns, but I have a couple of the circs. The tips would be the same materiarl and are pretty nice to knit with.

I’ve never heard of them. I prefer my bamboo/wood DPN though.

I’ve never heard of them.

That’s cause you don’t have a Hobby Lobby within about 1000 miles…

lol. I’ve been using the Boye ones forever now, but I guess they don’t make them anymore, bc I didn’t even see them on the site. I’ve never used wood or or bamboo, maybe I should try those…

Boye’s are still available, just not from Hobby Lobby. They’ve discontinued some of the needles to replace them with their own. Michaels and Joanns still carry Boye.

Alrighty. I’ll have to check out their websites for them. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I just bought some of the twisted needles you were talking about and have immediately fallen in love with them. (Then again, my needles are 50 year old straight needles, or the really stiff cabled cheap aluminum circulars prior to this purchase.) They also look really cool as I sit here using them.

:teehee: True. I didn’t know they were just at Hobby Lobby though. :wink:

Yeah, it’s their house brand.

i have used them, and personally think they are terrible. the yarn doesnt slide or glide over them easily at all. I much prefer metal, and if thats not available then i use bamboo!

If they are Hobby Lobby’s house brand , then when the Hobby Lobby store they are building here in Lakeland, I will have to check them out.