ACloset stitch markers

Okay, so I ordered stitch markers from this place, Arlyna’s Closet:

It’s based in China. The stitch markers are cheap and cute. I ordered 4 blowfish and a set of 3 bunny rabbits. I guess it took between 2 and 3 weeks to arrive, can’t remember exactly when I ordered. I just got them today and they are indeed very cute. You have the option of the solid ring or the split ring. I got the split ring cuz I like my stitch markers to open so I can also use them in crochet.

The split marker ring doesn’t open easily, on one it was stuck, but I opened it and it’s not sticking anymore. Still, they can be opened (maybe my little fingers are weak?). The bunnies came with unexpected bells on them. I love the bells, but someone else might not so I guess it would have been good to include that information. All together, though, I’m happy. And they came in a cute little pouch and I got a bag I didn’t even order. Very nice.

Wow! COOL STUFF!! Thanks for the posting.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Those are adorable. I love the bunny. Don’t cute stitch markers make those tedious projects seem more fun?