Why can’t my husband like color? These stupid black socks are killing me! Soooooooo boooooooring. I’ve been working on them forever. I love him, but sheesh!

that sounds so familiar.

My boyfriend hates color, but he did want me to knit him something. I made him a vest, totally black and hated the color. It’s just to boring. But well, I love him.

I made my dad some socks in grey heather Caron Simply Soft. It was much easier to see the stitches in that color.

my brother asked me to make him some bamboo socks. I was excited and asked what colour - he said black =( I told him to knit his own stupid socks unless he wants to pick something more interesting :wink:

What is it with men and black socks? My co-parent asked me this weekend when he was going to get a pair of socks. I told him he could be next what color did he want. Black. I told him no way! I told him to pick a real color or I wasn’t knitting them for him. Now I don’t “respect” him because I won’t knit him what he wants. I was thinking some heathered gray socks with some nice cables. He was thinking “plain black socks.” hmph!

Angela (countingsheep) knits socks for her DH and gives them colorful toes. Some have been turquoise, pink, red. He doesn’t mind because no one sees that part and he’s always asking for a new pair!

I like to add colorful toes to my husbands “black” socks as well.

I’ll have to keep the toe thing in mind, though I don’t think I’ll be doing black socks again.