Ack! Yarn Snapped

I was working on the hat and just as I inserted the needle to do a purl stitch the yarn broke right in the loop of the stitch. Ack!

I took both ends of the yarn and tied them together in a tight knot and then on the next purl I did an increase to replace the broken stitch and maintain the ribbing pattern. It seems to have worked.

Did I do right or is there a better way to deal with something like that?

Hope it stays!

A knot will definitely hold it, but I’m confused about the increase. Did you drop the stitch? If so, isn’t it going to drop the rest of the way down?

The way I tied it off it should stay until I get back around to it again and I intend to purl the knotted loop together with the good one to ensure it doesn’t drop. I knotted it in such a way as the knot won’t show on the right side of the work if I do it that way.

I’m improvising so am not sure I’m doing it right.

It sounds correct to me, but I’m not the one knitting it, so I couldn’t tell you. :teehee:

I don’t really think there’s a “wrong” way to do it. If it holds, and you like the way it turns out, then it was the right way! You’re a very capable knitter (we’ve all seen your Irish Hiking Scarf I think :inlove:), so I’m sure it will be great.

That’s how I’d do it… Whatever will keep the ends together and on the inside where you can’t see it.

It will turn out excellent Mason, don’t worry! :thumbsup:

Well, right or wrong it seems to have worked. I’m a couple of rounds up from it now and it seems ok.

Yay for impro!!!

Yes, just use a granny-knot and keep the two ends long enough to weave/thread in-and-out on the wrong side of your work.

Geez, I absolutely hate when that happens! Usually good for a couple of 4-letter words. But for a hat, shouldn’t be that big a deal.

Good for you for figuring out the right fix! And knitting a hat - not the easiest of patterns, usually. :cheering:


Thanks. The ends were barely long enough to tie together, weaving was out of the question. That’s why I made the increase and then purled the knotted bit to a known good stitch.
It won’t show on the outside of the hat so it’s cool.

Another way to do it is to take out the last few stitches you’d made before the #(#&($&#($ yarn broke. Then tie the knot where you know it’s best hidden. This way you have plenty of yarn-tail to weave back in.

And between the granny-knot and the weaving-in, your fix should hold up at least as long as the rest of the yarn.


Yep. If it had broken in the middle of a stitch, I would have taken out a couple, then reknit with the other end, leaving an inch or so of each to knot together.

I was worried about your having dropped a stitch, too. You shouldn’t have to increase, but if whatever you did works then it makes no difference! :wink:

Thanks. I did the increase because I didn’t want to reuse that stitch with the knot in it. It would have shown on the outside if I did. I preferred to just secure it to another stitch so that it only showed on the inside. Probably a little dumb but that’s what I was thinking at the time.

I also didn’t trust it to hold on it’s own after having to knot it.

I just loosely tie the ends together leaving an inch or so on each one, then after I’ve knit a couple more rows go back to retie them so the knot will definitely be on the WS.

Tip: When knotting, make sure it’s secure, otherwise it will unravel!

I almost never use knots and it’s fine as long as you weave in your ends properly.

I keep reading that but I never quite trust that and always wind up doing a knot anyway. I feel like the weaved bit will pull out.